Atheen Music License

Atheen is a highly experienced artist having played to huge crowds in the UK, Germany and The Far East. She has TV appearances under her belt and is a producer for a number of other artists.

Atheen has certainly paid her dues as a musician, having often performed 150+ gigs per year. Since being signed to a dance label in the early noughties, she has recently returned to her piano roots to create releases with a more singer / songwriter feel.

Atheen records in other languages and is currently able to sing songs not only in her native English but also Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and French. Under the name Red Bean she also produces library music, composes for short movies and creates radio jingles, for which she has previously won awards.

“Fine UK singer and keyboard player with good songwriting skills… “Waited” is terrific” – Adam Sieff, Sony Music

“Fantastic vocals and very well produced music that shows experience!” –

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